Chuang Tzu on a life without fear

The Taoist teacher Chuang Tzu with a view on how to live without fear that you wouldn’t hear in most western traditions.

“When a drunken man falls from a carriage, though the carriage may be going very fast, he won’t be killed. He has bones and joints the same as other men, and yet he is not injured as they would be, because his spirit is whole. He didn’t know he was riding, and he doesn’t know he has fallen out.

Life and death, alarm and terror do not enter his breast, and so he can bang against things without fear of injury. If he can keep himself whole like this by means of wine, how much more can he keep himself whole by means of Heaven! The sage hides himself in Heaven – hence there is nothing that can do him harm.”

I can’t help but picture an ancient Chinese version of the Big Lebowski whenever I read Chuang Tzu.

The Dude. Taking it easy on our behalf…


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