How do you choose your career?

Looking back on it – it wasn’t how I thought it was. I think I just kind of drifted unawares into my career choice. The randomness of an intern acceptance progress. What my friends were doing. During all of my five years of studies, I don’t think I really questioned it.

What did I want to do?

I wanted to simply keep my options open – and finance is a pretty good way of doing that. As they say, “everyone from a mining company to a model agency needs finance” so you go down that road. But it isn’t really a road of believing in yourself. It is a road of not backing yourself.

If I had backed myself, I would have done writing or computer science. But I didn’t so I chose finance.

And now begins the process of starting again.

“I was so much older then, I am younger than that now.”

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  1. Me? I was going to be a musician. Not a *rock* musician – nope, I played clarinet. I was a *serious* musician.
    I also wasn’t great at it. Good, yes. But there were always kids in high school who were better/more dedicated/more talented than I was. Kids who had better tone, better embrochure, practiced more, earned more medals, etc. Some of them went on to be Real Musicians. Some of them went on to drug dependencies, alcoholism, failed marriages, and so on. I…didn’t. Sorry, Mom & Dad. I went on to a commission in the Navy, a stint as a hobby shop owner, and a long darn time writing software for various large corporations in northern Ohio. So, basically, I flunked “wastrel” and became a solid citizen.


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