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  2. Why aren't China and Russia being weakened like the U.S, Canada and the rest of the West? Because they have not been dominated by leftist liberal Jews in the media and universities, that's why. Jews in the west, with their pushing multiculturalism, feminism, gay rights, etc. have just about ruined the west and its ability to defend itself. Americans are bombarded with images on TV nightly showing how foolish white Americans are and that women, blacks, browns are the future. The liberal media seeks one thing: the destruction of white christian America.

  3. Hey man!Thanks for the friend request.  Man, you’ve got a lot going on, but I’m interested to see how the call to ministry works itself out.  Be blessed, and feel free to message me any time.  I have just added you to my list who can read my past protected posts.  God bless you, bro!– John

  4. "…fight and possibly survive…"? They have done this and are doing it against not only this murderous and determined ennemy but also against collaborators, the western media, the left, the politicians, the UN. Do YOU see a way for them to take the "possibly" out of the sentence "fight and possibly survive"? Would you suggest they take Gaza back – with whatever that takes – and repay Obama's "indifference" with ignoring him too and go into Iran before the red line is reached?

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