Looking back on evangelicalism

If you move away from modern evangelicalism, there’s a label applied to you: backslider.  It’s a nasty little term that assumes you have moved into darkness and that the evangelicals still hold the truth.

But when you look back at fundamentalism yourself, how do you avoid being guilty of the same thing? How do you avoid the patronising “you will see things much clearer if you come over to where I am standing and look at the world through my lens”?

I don’t want to be that guy.  And grappling with the flaws of modern evangelicalism makes it easy though to be that guy.

The claim to exclusively own the truth does make it very difficult to relate to fundamentalists.  You can’t help but get the suspicion that you are simply viewed as someone in need of saving and that conversation is about bringing you back to the fundamentals rather than about seeking opportunities to learn from each other or to understand each other better.

I don’t know…

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