Losing my Christian labels

I’m sympathetic to the postmodern/postChristian movement and I’m sympathetic generally to socially liberal causes, but I can’t bring myself to join any of the groups that go along with it.  I’ve always been uncomfortable with labels – I feel they distance us from each other more than they help to define us.

Even the “anti-group” groups feel like a group now.

After all I’m not really sure what my position on most of this is – and that makes it hard to belong to any group or cause.

I really respect Pete Rollins and what he is trying to do with Pyrotheology and Jay Bakker over at Revolution.  A big part of me admires someone who can put themselves out there and standing for something.

In one of Shusako Endo’s novels there is a character who simply stands by when his fellow Christians are hauled off to be tortured.  Shusako voices the character in the first person which makes it achingly confessional.  He is one of them, but he finds himself unable to stand for anything when it really matters.  He is simply there in the background, throughout the persecution, watching from the sidelines.

That character could have started a modern religion.


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