My dark night of the soul

As you may have figured out its getting harder and harder for me to post on here. This isn’t the “life is busy” excuse. I have often felt hypocritical on here and I think my decade long “dark night of the soul” is starting to weigh down on me.
For some reason I feel a weight of expectation on me about what I am supposed to feel or believe. Or that I am not supposed to lose the faith or something.
That somehow beginning a blog on faith means you’re supposed to live up to it.
I really don’t know where all this is going and I’m not sure what sort of label I am supposed to place here.
It’s easy to say “oh don’t worry about that”. But the truth is… It bugs the hell out of me. Like a nail scratching the inside of my skull.
I see the church – and I can’t relate.
I see atheists – and I can’t relate.
I see agnostics – and I can’t relate.
To paraphrase the Dane:
“Whether you put faith away or you don’t put faith away, either way, you will regret it.”
Even my Springsteen albums don’t really do it anymore.

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