The postmodern theology of Walking Dead

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as theologically gutted by a show as the Walking Dead.

Whether it is a character praying for a sign from God and being answered by having their child taken from them, or whether it is just the slow gradual extinction of all hope – 21st century theological despair runs deep in this one.

It’s what your 16-year old Christian self feared might happen when you open the door of doubt and skepticism: that the floor will disappear beneath you, that you will keep falling and falling… with nothing and no one to catch you.

It’s the locked chest many of us decide to leave untested. 

What if…?

What if there is no God?

What if we when we die, that is just it?

What if we just return to the void?


What if all of this… just hinges on chance, on infinite possibility?

All you’re left with is a group of people, bound by their loss of what was formerly certain and taken for granted. No more hope of a meaningful life under the old rules and soon enough, even talk of the possibility of hope is dismissed as foolishness before it finally succumbs to silence.

No more return to “before”. Just a relentless march forward into an uncertain future – and then extinction.

Heck, it could just as well be Pete Rollins blog, if you didn’t know any better.

I think I need some Eastbound and Down to bring me back from the edge.

“The believer continually lies out on the deep – 70,000 fathoms of water beneath him.” ~ Kierkegaard

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