Two ends of Jesus


“It is finished.  Into Your hands I commend my spirit.”


“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”



  1. I noticed that you lead with the Luke/John account of Jesus giving up his spirit into the air and into God’s hands and ended with the Mark/Mathew account of the forsaken and rejected Jesus. Very striking that juxtaposition. Something to think about as I partake in my first tenebrae service this evening. As always, thanks for the post.

    • Mi-ai amintit acum când am fost eu ultima dată la Alba Iulia de 1 Decembrie, acum mulÅ£i ani în urÄ#0&m823ƒ; Poate ajung ÅŸi eu anul ăsta, cine ÅŸtie…

  2. Some say Mark’s version as the earliest is likely to be the most raw and unfiltered. It hits hard.

  3. It is like John and Luke are pointing to what we want, while all along Mark is pointing the other way

  4. Especially if you consider that the oldest manuscripts for Mark don’t have a triumphant end.

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    • Escludo il pesto genovese perchè ne preparo quasi tutti i giorni e prendo le altre due versioni, entrambe molto intriganti!Notizie più confortanti?? Considera che poteva trattarsi pure di un 3…o anche meno!!Bacissimi, Fabi

    • Vai Lia, ce bine arata! Asa racoroase cu menta aceea! Iar murele acelea acrisoare sunt o incantare! Ma inscrisesem si eu la concursul asta cu clatite, sper sa am si eu inspiratie ca tine :). Pup cu drag!

  5. This discussion led me to pick up John Carroll’s book the Existential Jesus which is an interpretive reading of Mark’s gospel. Carroll wrote that the line “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” comes from the first line of Psalm 22. I find it interesting that the other gospels are focused on turning the story into a fulfillment of prophesy, but Mark seems interested in, as Carroll eloquently states, Jesus’ forsakenness. I find something about that interpretation incredibly compelling. In Mark’s account Jesus is fully human. He is not on the inside with God, but on the outside with the rest of us.

  6. Yes he experiences the loss of God in Mark’s version. In the Johannine it seems he is in control.

  7. I love how they pile on top of each other like that. The last picture especially looks like the perfect family photo of them with At7s#&a821l;s little tongue out, hehe.

  8. Supporting the thread.. thanks sure, study is paying off. of course, research is paying off. Love the entry you offered..

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